what is Social Media Marketing
September 1, 2020

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is a way of marketing by using social media platforms to connect with people to increase sales, drive traffic to websites, and build your brand identity. It includes publishing content or product on your social media profiles, run ads on social media, and engage with your followers to learn what they want.

Some of the popular Social Media Platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

There are lots of social media management tools in markets that help you to grow your business and analyze your audience. These types of management tools are considerable for managing ad campaigns on social media platforms.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Build Awareness

Social media platforms have billions of visitors every month. Think if people don’t know about your content, product, or brand, So how they will become your customer or subscriber. Social Media increase your visibility as well it helps you to reach a wide range of audience by consuming a large amount of time and hard work. Business profiles are free to use on all popular social media platforms. 

To build awareness on Social Media, you need to keep your strategy specific. If you want new customers or subscribers to discover your brand or content, So you need to analyze which social networks are best for you.

Get Insight To Improve

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provides insight into their business profiles. It helps you to improve your research about your upcoming product or content.

Insight helps you to understand the performance of your social media profile or page. You can view insight at the bottom of each post. It can track how many unique visitors are viewing your profile, the number of active users, and how many people unfollow you.

Build Trust

Social Networks allow you to connect with the audience in real-time that is great to increase the reliability of your brand. Specifically, the most appealing thing is approx 50% of your followers are likey loyal to your business.

Here are a few things that can build a hardcore trust to your audience :

  • Create polls or ask questions to your audience.
  • Start giveaway of your product.
  • You can offer promos from your social profiles.
  • Keep engaging with followers through live stream.
  • Be creative while making a post because the audience didn’t like businesses that publish dry.
  • While having a conversation with followers, be real like you are talking with your friend.

Provide Quick Support

Customer support leaves a high impact on the customer’s mindset. Most of the customers are excepting from companies to resolve their issues with social platforms. That’s why the companies hire a specific person to handle their social profiles or pages.

Social networks allow you to provide immediate support to the customers and get feedback. You can quickly respond to questions that followers ask in comments. Remember, always provide quick customer support. Otherwise, it will create a negative impact on your business. Appreciable customer support builds a relationship between the company and its customers.

Affordably Grow

Social media ads are popular since the year 2018 and also very affordable. Every type of business uses this. There are different types of companies in the market. Some of them are huge, and some are small who can’t afford the market cost for advertisements. So these small businesses can go with social media ad campaigns. It can help them to grow their audience and increase reach.

While making ad campaigns you have good knowledge about “What is Social Media Marketing”. After that you have to research who you are trying to target and what are your goals, so you can achieve them, or else you will waste your dollars.

Increase Traffic and Enhance SEO Traffic

Social media increases help to increase your website or blog’s traffic. And it becomes a vital factor in the search engines algorithm to calculate a ranking. By sharing your links on social media users can check out what you are offering. On your social profile, if you share quality content or post so you can easily generate a huge amount of traffic.

These days SEO matrics are continuously changing. Previously you just need to optimize your site and regularly update your blog. But through social media, these things are changed. Businesses and bloggers share their content to increase web traffic and SEO rank.