Twitter Marketing
June 20, 2020

Twitter Marketing


Twitter is one of the biggest platforms for advertisers. It has a huge audience network worldwide and about 325 million monthly active users. On Twitter, brands can speak to people in realtime. Like any other social media platform brands also needs a plan to get success on Twitter. In this article, I will tell you how to use twitter for marketing and how to stand out from the crowd.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing is a plan or strategy about creating, publishing, and distributing products or content for your followers and audience through Twitter.

There is the only goal behind this strategy to attract new followers, increase brand popularity, and generate more leads.

What makes Twitter best?

  • Twitter is a free tool for marketing.
  • You can share your brand content and target your audience through ads.
  • It expands your reach over the world.
  • On Twitter, you can provide quick services and support to your customer
  • Here you can deeply analyze your competitors and their contents.
  • It allows you to interact with the audience through the live event and give them updates in real-time.

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Twitter Marketing

How to use Twitter to increase your Marketing Sales, Business and Web Traffic

1. Use Twitter Cards

People easily get attracted to the tweets which contain photos or videos. By using Twitter cards you can implement photos, videos, and links in your tweets.

Its immersive interaction will help you to increase followers and generate leads. You can make your tweet clickable and increase your web traffic.

There are four types of twitter card:

  • Summary Card
  • App Card
  • Player Card
  • Summary Card With Large Image

2. Increase Targeted Twitter Followers

If your followers are increasing slowly so its time to increase them fast and it is very helpful for you. There are lots of tools in the market which can help you to increase targetted followers.

Some of the tools are mention below that will help you to increase targetted followers.

3. Engage With Influencers

You have to create relations with influencers who are best for your field. Then you need to advertise with them. Influencers have built the trust of their audience and it will very effective to increase your followers.

You can use Audiense tool to find the influencers according to your niche. You just have to sign up and connect your Twitter account. Then you have to discover different user accounts and create relations.


4. Target Your Email List With Twitter Ads

Your email list only contains those people who are interested to hear from you. So it is great to target with them Twitter Ads. 

When you have something to promote then you need to use Tailored Audiences and upload your email list on it.

Twitter will automatically match all the email addresses with users and target them with ads.

Twitter Marketing

5. Use Right Hashtags

Tweets that contain 2 or 3 hashtags have 20% higher engagement than those who contain 4 or more.

If you are not using any hashtag then its time to use them and create your audience by increasing your audience and engagements.

You need to very careful about using hashtags. You have to find a perfect one to increase organic engagements.

Another way is that you can use some tools to find hashtags. I recommended only to use paid.

If you use free tools it will show you 10 or more hashtags at a time and you will get confused about which one is for you.

Paid tools will show you how much tweets, retweets, and daily views of each hashtag.

6. Find Your Competitors’ Audiences

If you want to know about your competitor’s audience and where they get engagements.

You need to use Twitonomy, It will help you to find out your competitor’s audience and you can easily target them.

In this tool, you have to enter their username and you will get their analysis data.


7. Use Your Pinned Tweets

At the top of your timeline, Twitter allows you to pin a tweet. When someone visits your profile they always see the top of the tweet rather than scrolling down.

So you have to pin the most important tweet which has more likes and retweets. It will grab the attention of the users.

Under the update option, there are three dots. Click on it and then you will find an option “Pin to your profile page”. Then you have to pin tweet.

8. Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a great tool to see the number of views and engagements your tweets get.

When you see your analytics you will find out which type of tweet is drawing the attention of your audience.

You need to study your analytics and which can help you to increase your engagements.

Advantages of Twitter Marketing

For online marketing, Twitter is one of the best platforms to expand your business. In Twitter, you do conversations with high profile people. celebrities and politicians which will give a high impact on your profile.

You can increase your customer satisfaction by regularly updating on twitter. Your existing customers will follow you and get updates about your upcoming products. This will give you an assumption that how much that product will make a boom in the market.

Through Twitter, you can aware people about the values and potential of your business. Make promises to your audience that you will give them the best service to fulfill your needs.

By using Twitter you can follow the trends and can watch your competitors very closely. You can also make the deep trust of your audience through the live event of your business on Twitter.

If you are running a website or local store so generate a huge amount of traffic through twitter. You can grab the attention of the audience and tell them about the offers, contests, or events. When giving some offer people come more in your store or website(fill sign up, give info or leave comments).