Social Bookmarking
August 21, 2020

Social Bookmarking


In a few years, Social Bookmarking is gaining so much popularity. It allows users to form discussion groups based on mutual interests and share or discuss links. It is an online service where users can store and share bookmarks or online links, with the other community members. Most of the sites are a combination of social and organizational tools. Social bookmarking is also beneficial for businesses as it can boost your web traffic and brand awareness by allowing users to access your content. It is also a great way to save resources and articles to improve your knowledge and skills. Social bookmarking sites also helps people to keep up relevant information and trending news. In this article, I will tell you about “What is Social Bookmarking” and “Best sites for Social Bookmarking”. I’ll also give you the latest Social Bookmarking list.


Social Bookmarking allows users to organize, manage, store, and search useful web content they will like to revisit and share with other members of the community. These sites are involved in engaging online communities where users join discussion forums based on their mutual interests. 


Many people think that “HOW SOCIAL BOOKMARKING IS USEFUL” but it is an excellent way to give exposure to your content. It is an easier way to interact with potential influencers and collaborators.

Soical Bookmarking gives you access to the high domain authority backlinks for your website that gives a high impact on your SEO.

It helps you to find relevant content that helps you to build authority on your blog and social pages.

To be a part of the community you have to make an effort to share information from relevant sources. As Social bookmarking is a search engine optimization activity, anybody can do it from anywhere in the world by getting a device.

It is very useful for your blog or your site. It gets you interacted with the users and increase the popularity of your website or blog. 

Best Sites For Social Bookmarking


FACEBOOK is one of the best social bookmarking sites. On Facebook, you can create a Facebook group or pages and share links with other community members.

According to the 2019 reports, there are 10 million groups on Facebook. There are also 1.4 billion people who used Facebook groups in 2019. On Facebook groups, you can share content ragging from links to events and questions.


Pinterest is one of the most famous social bookmarking sites present. It has over 175 million(80 percent female) users per month. It is a quintessential site where 50 billion pins have appeared on Pinterest in a lifetime.

On Pinterest, you can bookmark by images and videos rather than just saving URLs. Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard that allows you to share and organize things you love.


In Tumblr, you can explore, share, and communicate about the things you love. You can post your video content or blog on this website for quality backlinks.

Tumblr is free and customizable to a great extent. It is a microblogging website where it has over 472 million registered accounts. According to a report, every average Tumblr user visits 67 pages per month.

Top 5 countries that use tumbler in 2014 are US, INDIA, UK, BRAZIL, and FRANCE.


On Reddit, millions of users submit their content on it. It has a feature called karmas which you have to increase by resubmitting posts and by upvoting them.

Once you have collected necessary karmas you can submit blog posts on Reddit. Thinks you have to remind while posting on Reddit are avoid things that might fall in spamming.

If your content or style falls in spam it is very difficult to build a good reputation. If you want to get more upvotes on your content try to put some current news articles or links to popular websites.


LinkedIn is also a social bookmarking site where you can post your content or share your content. It table where you can rundown of high DA destinations.

This is the stage that helps you to share the best substance and fabricates your believability. You can also use it to compose articles and get traffic to your site.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks with over 706+ million users in over 200 countries. It has 57 percent Male users and 43 percent female users in the world.