Instagram Marketing
August 17, 2020

Instagram Marketing


Instagram is the biggest platform to share photos or videos. It has 1 billion-plus monthly active users and over 2.5 billion-plus daily likes given.

There are millions of influencers on-site with a huge amount of followers and if you will create the right plan you can become influencer too.

You just need to post the right content or products for your existing followers and stay connected with them through live stream.

You can target your audience and increase your followers once you find out which is the best post for your audience.

It is hard to find out which type of post your audience liking the most.

So here, I will tell you “What is Instagram Marketing?” and “7 Ways to Master Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is a plan or strategy about creating, publishing, and distributing products or content for your followers and audience through Instagram.

There is the only goal behind this strategy to attract new followers, increase content or brand popularity, and generate more leads.

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7 Ways to Master Instagram Marketing

Switch to Professional Account

Before your Instagram Marketing Plan, you need to change your account to a Professional Account.

It is too easy to switch your account to a Professional Account.

Just go to the setting and click on the account – there you will get an option “switch to a professional account.”

Professional Account provides you two types of profiles Creator and Business.

Creator profiles usually used by artists, influencers, and content creators. People who have a local business, brand, or provide any services they can go with a business profile.

By using a Professional Account you can also track the number of impressions and reach of posts through insight tool.

Use Instagram Free Tools

Instagram’s professional profile is similar to Facebook’s business profile.

You can view stats like reach, impressions, gender, location, and city in Insights.

You can also get stats of specific posts that will help you to find out which thing is loved most by your audience.

Insights is an amazing tool that provides you exact data and the great thing is that it is priceless.

How much you will learn about what your users need that will help you target them with the right content and boost your engagements.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are popular in the year 2020 if we compare it with Facebook Ads and Twitter ads in the year 2020. You just have to set a budget and target your audience.

Through the Carousel feature, you can create multiple sponsored ads.

Only those users who are following your account can see your posts. But Instagram ads give you the ability to target your audience. 

Now creators and brands can promote their content or products to increase their reach and get new followers.

Use sponsored ads for only those posts that are getting more engagement and likes from your existing users.

You will get more responses from high performing post through sponsored ads.

You can use multiple posts to target audiences with a different type of sponsored ads. There are different types of sponsored ads that you can use, such as:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Stories
  • Stories Canvas
  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are here to help you to generate leads.

They come in a slideshow format that makes Instagram stories different from regular posts.

This feature is similar to Snapchat Stories that are live on your account for jus 24 hours. You can use it again when you want.

It appears at the top of the profile like Facebook’s news feed.

Instagram Stories are the golden benefits for brands and creators. It shows at the top of the timeline where 95% of users look daily.

Brands or Creators can use Instagram Stories to grab the attention of users by teasing up there upcoming products or content.

It provides different options like boomerang and GIF that plays like a loop.

You can tag other’s accounts in your stories if you are collaborating with another brand, creator, or influencer so you can tag their account in your stories.

Post Teasers of Products or Contents

Posting teasers on Instagram will aware your audience about upcoming content or give an assumption about how much people will like your product. 

It is not too hard. You just have to show your upcoming product or content.

Product or content will make a boom on Instagram which one will receive thousands of likes.

Use Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get instant reaches of posts. You can use a branded hashtag that is related to your post. That will give you more engagements.

You can also create a hashtag of your brand or products that will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The audience will use those hashtags to their post. It helps users to search for the posts related to those hashtags.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers have a large number of followers. It is the fastest way to grow your followers. 

You have to find out influencers who are best for your brand or products. Then you have to advertise through them. 

Influencer’s audience has great trust in them and it is a useful way to increase your followers.