Facebook Marketing
June 15, 2020

Facebook Marketing


Facebook is the best network for the marketing in the world. It has 2.50 billion active users every month. People of every age use Facebook in which percentage is higher in youngsters. So it means Facebook is compatible to sell all types of products and services. In this article, I will give you the ultimate guide to master Facebook Marketing and how to get leads. 

What is Facebook Marketing?

In a simple word when you sell your products and services through Facebook called Facebook Marketing. Facebook provides you the higher organic reach and targeted paid ads to your massive audience.

Why You Have To Choose Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has global coverage with 2.50 billion monthly active users. If we compare it with Twitter Ads or Instagram Ads so Facebook ads have to provide more options and organic reach is also higher on Facebook.

Facebook gives you highly targeted paid ads. You can create an ad for a specific county, gender, and can also create jobs ad.

On Facebook, there is a higher possibility to reach organically to the people. You can create relations with different peoples and share your service or products on their pages and groups. But is harder to get leads from such type of organic reaches.

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Formats Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has created different types of ads for different products or services to get better results for advertisers. You can advertise any type of product, blog, website, or services through Facebook Ads. Here is the list of Facebook ads:

Video Ads

This is the best ad for those who want to show or give a demo or their product or services. Short clips or videos can easily help you to get the attention of your audience. In-stream videos are also effective.

Image Ads

Through image ads, you can get leads, drive traffic to your website, and increase your brand popularity. It is cheaper than video ads.

Carousel Ads

In this ad format, you can show up to ten images or videos in a single advertisement. All can be a link to a specific product. It is best because you can feature your products in detail and separately tell stories.

Collection Ads

This ad is like a catalog of products in Facebook feed. In this ad format, you can add one image or video and below four smaller pictures in a grid. This add format is best to sell products.

Slide Show Ads

In this ad show different image in a video type format by sliding it. You can create this ad by using the bulk of images and can also add music to it.

Lead Generation Ads

This type of advertisement was developed to generate lead. When users click on this ad or image then it redirected the user to a subscription form that advertiser added.

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook Page?

1. Share With Friends

This is the simplest method to increase organic reach or engagements. You just have to have to write a beautiful message and put your post or Facebook Page link in it.

Then you have to send this message to each of your friends and share it on other platforms. Also, tell your friends to put the link of your page in their stories.

2. Create Relations With People

People who give similar types of information and create a page like yours. You have to create relations with them.

After some, you have told them to post your page on their groups and pages. In exchange for it, you have to do the same for them.

3. Contact Influencers

You have to find out some influencers who are perfect to promote your page. Then you have to contact them to post your page on their profile or pages.

This method will boost your likes and engagements because the audience of influencers trust them and follow or like all the posts that they posted.

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads it the best method. It is a bit expensive then influencers but it provided the highly targeted ads and you will always get the right audience for you.

You just have to click on boost page option and select the country or city, age, gender, and daily budget then you will get thousands of daily visitors and likes on your page.

5. Join Similar Groups

You have to join similar groups that are related to your page and post your pages on them. Join only those groups who allows all users to post and at least 10K members.